Advanced Syd Barrett lyrics test

Test your knowledge of Syd Barrett's highly original and interesting lyrics. Includes questions pertaining to his solo songs as well as those he wrote while with The Pink Floyd.

When it comes to Syd Barrett and early Pink Floyd song knowledge, are you "totally together" or are you "wondering who could be writing this song" most of the time? Take the quiz and see what the results say!

Created by: Eternal Isolation
  1. Complete the lyric: "I think I'll ___ it in the water, baby.
  2. What song is the following excerpt from? "...the water streams over me"
  3. Which song speaks of a "shell" "pretty hair" and "dreams?"
  4. Who "untied the wigwam door?"
  5. In the song Opel, what is it that "stood Alone?"
  6. In "Effervescing Elephant," which month did the elephant whisper that he would die in?
  7. What kind of proverbs are mentioned in "Wolfpack?"
  8. Finish the line: "Call to you and what do you do" ...____?
  9. What kind of gemstones does "Maisie" possess?
  10. Which song mentions a "torch" and a "loud Hailer?"
  11. In which song does Syd claim to be feeling "...very frail?"
  12. Who penned the lyrics to Golden Hair?
  13. What item is NOT mentioned in Vegetable Man?

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