Metallica finish the lyrics quiz

Do you know you metallica lyrics? From their kill em' all stuff to St. anger, have you memorized the lyrics? Well try it and find out. I know you want to...

BUT! you only should worry about Kill 'Em All through the Black Album. So try to reach into your memory and remeber those lyrics. GOOD LUCK! HOPE YOU KNOW YOUR METALLICA LYRICS!

Created by: Nick
  1. Bang that head ________________
  2. I have lost the will to live
  3. Welcome to where time stands still
  4. Power wolves feast at your door
  5. I'm your dream, make you real
  6. Thunder and lightning the gods take revenge
  7. Flash before my eyes, now is time to die
  8. Blood will follow blood, dying time is here
  9. Darkness, imprisoning me, all that I see
  10. All there is

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