Think you know Metallica?

If you love Metallica then look no further for a great Metallica quiz. If you consider yourself a die hard fan of Metallica then you should be fine during the quiz. If you know nothing about Metallica then you just need to leave now. Good luck on the quiz and hopefully you know as much about Metallica as... well... METALLICA!

Do you have the Metallica trivial skillz to take this quiz? If you do then good luck buddy, you'll do well. If you don't then go listen to some Hannah Montana or Britney Spears because I'm tired of you kinds of people. So good luck on the quiz and if you get stuck, no looking on the internet for answers or Metallica will hunt you down without mercy all nightmare long. So good luck!!

Created by: johnson davis

  1. Easy Question. What was Metallica's first full-length album?
  2. What member of Metallica was a tennis prodigy before joining the band?
  3. Who founded Metallica and in what year?
  4. Who was burned severely by a pyrotechnics cannon while touring for the release of "Metallica"?
  5. What song was Metallica playing when James was severely burned onstage?
  6. What song are these lyrics from? "And it feels right this time, on this crash course we're in the big time."
  7. How many albums has metallica created?
  8. How did Cliff Burton Die?
  9. What song are these lyrics from? "Ash to ash, dust to dust, fade to black! YEAH!!!"
  10. What is the longest Metallica song ever?

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