What does your favorite Metallica song say about you?

Metallica, one of the original metal bands. The band has had so much success around the world, that to this day they are still very popular. Although the hair is no longer the way it once was, the sound and the music is still rockin' For anyone who is part of the metal Militia. This is a quiz that judges your personality based on your favorite Metallica song.

Are YOU a Metallica fan? Do you like personality quizzes? This is without a doubt the perfect quiz for you. Who knew you could actually base your personality on the songs you like? Have fun and enjoy my quiz.

Created by: Tricia
  1. What is your favorite Metallica song?
  2. Dave Mustaine......
  3. Besides Metallica What other bands do you like?
  4. Do you know who Lars Ulrich is?
  5. How about James Hetfield?
  6. What band are Lars and James from?
  7. Do you play in a band?
  8. If so what do you play?
  9. How long have you been a Metallica fan.
  10. Whats your fav Metallica album?

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Quiz topic: What does my favorite Metallica song say about you?