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Fans of the loud intensity of heavy metal, these quizzes are for you. Are you a true metal head? Do you know your history and how the genre evolved? Find out with our quizzes below.

The Good Stuff!

  • What Metal genre are you?
    [by: Deathhead, rated: rated: 3.94/5, published: Dec 30, 2011]

    Are you more folk or doom metal? Death or thrash? This quiz ranks you on ten genres!

  • What Metal type are you?
    [by: Lolex, rated: rated: 3.64/5, published: Sep 9, 2007]

    Do you want to find out which metal you are? Which genre of metal do you fit into? Well you can find out in this large test. It ranges from all the broad…

  • Black Veil Brides Quiz
    [by: simonscott, rated: rated: 4.4/5, published: Nov 6, 2015]

    Black Veil Brides are an American rock/metal group. Band members are Andy Biersack, Ashley Purdy, Jake Pitts, Jinxx, and Christian "CC" Coma. The attire and…

  • What Metal Genre Fits You Best?
    [by: Arthur Jermyn, rated: rated: 3.9/5, published: Sep 19, 2017]

    Hey! Are you interested in metal but are not sure where to start? Are you confused with all the genres and wondering which ones fit your music taste the best?…

  • what metal genre are you?
    [by: AJax the great, rated: rated: 2.99/5, published: Jun 27, 2006]

    Ever wondered what kind of metal genre you might be?, yeah me neither but I was bored. But just for argument's sake what kind of metal genre WOULD you be? Are…

  • How well do you know Metallica?
    [by: ????, rated: rated: 2.75/5, published: May 15, 2009]

    This quiz is all about Metallica, their best songs, their lead singer, guitarist, etc. Eh, whatever, I created this quiz in the first place because I was…

  • Heavy Metal History Test
    [by: Y, rated: rated: 2.54/5, published: Apr 8, 2012]

    Test how much you know about the influential metal bands of the past!

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