Which Metallica Member Are YOU?

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Are you Every Wandering Which Metallica Member You Are Most Like, Well Stop Wandering Because This Quiz Can Help You Find Out Whether Your Lars Of Perhaps James, Well Just Take This Quiz and You'll Know For Sure.

Are YOU Every Wanting To Know What Metallica Member Your Just Like, Well Until Now You You Could Only Dream, But Now Because Of This Quiz YOU Can Find Out In Just Minutes...

Created by: Chloe
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  2. What is your gender?
  1. Out Of These Which Hair Style Would You Prefer On A Guy?
  2. Which Instrument Would You Like To Play?
  3. Where Would You Like To Live Out Of These?
  4. Which Eye Colour Do You Prefer?
  5. What Do You Like To Do In Your Free Time?
  6. What Kinda Music Do You Like To Listen To Out Of These?
  7. What Is Your Favourite Metallica Song Out Of These? (This Will Have No Effect On Your Result)
  8. Who Do You Really Want To Get As Your Result?
  9. Out Of These Which One Would You Really Want To Be Your First Concert?
  10. Which Of These Would Be (Or Close To Being) Your Favourite Food?
  11. What Height Best Suits You?

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Quiz topic: Which Metallica Member am I?