Metallica Lyric Quiz

Do you know the lyrics to Metallica's songs? Well if you think you do then take this quiz!!! Please Rate or comment!Thanks for taking this quiz! I hope you score well!

Go Metallica.Please rate or comment! thanks for taking this quiz! Good luck on the quiz! If you don't score high, maybe you can try to look up the lyrics for their songs!

Created by: Metallica Guurl

  1. Do you like metallica?
  2. Name of these lyrics: Exit Light, Enter Light
  3. In narrow freshly broken ground A concrete angel laid right down Upon the grave which swallows fast It's peace at last, oh peace at last
  4. fill in the blank: Lay beside me, under wicked sky The black of day, dark of night, we share this________ The door cracks open, but there's no sun shining through Black heart scarring darker still, but there's no sun shining through No, there's no sun shining through No, there's no sun shining
  5. Name the lyrics of this song "My Apocalypse"
  6. All alone in the family of the sun Curiosity teasing everyone
  7. They Dedicate their lives to running out of his
  8. End of passion play, crumbling away I'm your source of self-destruction Veins that pump with fear, sucking darkest clear Leading on your deaths' construction
  9. Crack of dawn All is gone Except the will to be
  10. Drift away, fade away Little tin goddess Ash to ash, dust to dust Fade to black
  11. On the leather steeds they ride They have come to take your life On through the dead of night
  12. And it feels right this time On this crash course with the big time

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