How Well Do You Know Your Pink Floyd?

Pink Floyd was a huge force in music from the late 1960s onwards and continues to acquire new fans all the time, despite not having performed as a group since 2008 (depending on your interpretation). Most people will have heard the name, hundreds of millions have heard the music, but how many people know very much about the band?

You don't have to be a genius to be successful in this quiz. You just have to have a good memory for facts about Pink Floyd. That means you're probably a Pink Floyd fan. Some of the questions are trivia, others are critical to qualifying as a "fan" rather than just a listener!

Created by: Juan Clegg

  1. What was one of the early names of the band that became Pink Floyd?
  2. Three of the original Pink Floyd members were students in the same subject. What was it?
  3. How many of the band's original line-up were called Roger?
  4. Did Pink Floyd ever refer to themselves as "The Pink Floyd"?
  5. How did Pink Floyd reportedly get the name?
  6. Roger Waters was born in?
  7. Syd Barret was born in?
  8. The original Pink Floyd line-up was?
  9. One of Pink Floyd's members' father was killed at Anzio during WWII. Which one?
  10. "Jug Band Blues" features members of which other musical grouping?
  11. Who played bass in the original line up?
  12. The phrase "There is no dark side of the moon really. As a matter of fact, it's all dark", was spoken by:
  13. "See Emily Play" was most famously covered by?
  14. The flying pig on the cover of "Animals" was?
  15. "Wish You Were Here" features a short, almost inaudible snatch by which famous musician?
  16. "Dark Side of the Moon" features tracks originally intended for which film?
  17. From the mid 1980s to the late 1990s, there was protracted animosity and legal wranglings between which former member of Pink Floyd and one of the remaining members?
  18. Which member of Pink Floyd has never released a solo album?
  19. "Sheep" featured on "Animals" but had been performed live some years earlier under what title?
  20. Grantchester Meadows are close to what town / city?

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