Which Pink Floyd member are you?

The Pink Floyd are an english band. They were - and are - very brilliant and so difficult to understand. They were pacifist, good musicians and good persons, and they see the world through an other point of view.

Do you know the Pink Floyd? Have you ever wondered which of them you look like? You'll find out in this quiz! Syd Barrett, Rick Wright, David Gilmour, Nick Mason and Roger Waters.

Created by: echoesofthesedays
  1. Others invite you to a party in the evening, you ...
  2. What is your favourite book?
  3. What is your favourite song of the band?
  4. You're always there for him, but not vice versa ...
  5. Imagine that you have a fear of heights. You have a fear of heights...
  6. What are you wearing usually?
  7. In life you'd like to have:
  8. If you were a politician, what would you do?
  9. Which of these work inspires you the most?
  10. Your favourite album:

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Quiz topic: Which Pink Floyd member am I?