How well do you know music?

I don't know what to say here, but whatever. Here it goes! Music is life. Life is music. You have to know how much you love things. How much you feel things. How much you see things. And how much you know them.

That is why this test will test you on how much you know about music. You think you know a lot, but you really do not. If you know the name Kenny Chesney, great, but it doesn't mean you know music. You know the song One Time, but you don't know music. You have heard of Pink Floyd, but you do not know music. Take this quiz to find your true potential.

Created by: maxtempleton

  1. Who is the most popular female pop star of 2013?
  2. Who is the most popular Female Country singer of 2013
  3. Who is the most popular female rock star
  4. Who is the most famous rapper of all time?
  5. Who is the most famous male pop star of 2011
  6. Who is the most popular male country singer of all time.
  7. Who is the most famous rock star of all time.
  8. What is Katy Perry's real name
  9. Miranda Lambert is a tomboy, but what is one thing that she loves, that is not tom boy like
  10. Blake Shelton Notes that he has "one of the "crappiest tattoo's in the world". They are actually deer tracks, but what do you think they look like?
  11. Where was the famous Bruno Mars born
  12. In 1970 Pink Floyd played in front of a large lake in London, England. What weird thing happened, "he was playing so loud...

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Quiz topic: How well do I know music?