How addicted to music are you?

Many people like music. But only few are truly addicted. Do you think you are? Being addicted to music means that you can't live without thats pure dedication. If addiction does occur, medical help may be necessary. (This is not a diagnostic tool, just a quiz, k?)

Are you addicted to music? Well, you can have your answer soon, just take this quiz and see what you get! Are you a music lover or a music shunner? Lets see!

Created by: kim1499

  1. Here are some true/falsies. You have more than 1 favorite genre of music. (rock, country, pop)
  2. Okay. Now someone who is TRULY addicted to music will only chose one of the answers below without hesitation. ave you ever been to a concert or seen a live band and enjoyed it?
  3. Kewl. Now, how many music devices do you own?
  4. Think about this one are on an island. There are no boats. (You're picturing this, right??) and you see a plane. (SuSpEnSe~~) The pilot says, "Hey kid, we got u something!" What do you hope the item is?
  5. Wasn't that last one nifty? haha. Oh, do ypu play any instruments?
  6. do you think you're addicted to music?
  7. Here's a toughie. We're going to play a quick game of would you rather here...Would you rather go two days with absolute silence (and I mean NO sounds at ALL,) or two days without food? Pick one!!!
  8. One more would you rather. Would you rather have all your music player(s) stolen, or have your bed stolen, therefore you have to sleep on the ground?
  9. Just you drink coffee or any other caffeinated beverages?
  10. Some of these questions might have been tricky. were they?
  11. Okay, I'm done with my tricky Q's. I only ask one more thing of you...will you please rate my quiz? and also comment? Thank You!

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Quiz topic: How addicted to music am I?