Are you addicted to minecraft?

In this quiz, we will learn if you have a minecraft addiction or not! This test is an interesting one! make sure you read your result so we can see if you are addicted or not! Lets go!

The levels are: No addiction, Not Sure of Addiction, Mild addiction, Normal addiction, SEVERE ADDICTION, VERY SEVERE ADDICTION. Watch out if you get a very severe level!

Created by: Andreaslag

  1. How much time do you play it per day?
  2. When do you started playing minecraft?
  3. Do your parents want you to stop playing or think you are playing too much?
  4. Do you want to stop it but failed?
  5. Do you have difficulties on school?
  6. Have you buyed a rank?
  7. Do you play other games?
  8. Do you spend time outside?
  9. Do you think that you have an Minecraft Addiction?
  10. Whats your country? (will not affect final score, only for social experiment reasons)
  11. How did you found minecraft? (will not affect final score, only for social experiment reasons)
  12. In servers, do you buy only ranks, or other items (coins, game boosters, cosmetics)?

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Quiz topic: Am I addicted to minecraft?