How well do you know minecraft?

There are many minecraft players, but only a few know it the best. Minecraft, after all is a popular game. Are you a minecraft expert? You can find out here!

Do YOU think you are a minecraft expert? Do you have the power to ace this test? Untill now you will never find out. But thanks to my quiz, you can find out for yourself!

Created by: rylinhuie
  1. What block cannot be broken?
  2. What was the strongest type of armour before Netherite was introduced?
  3. What mob is green and explodes?
  4. What is the hostility status of a Zombie Pigman?
  5. What is the dimension described as scary, lots of lava, and fire?
  6. Which of these mobs can you find in the nether?
  7. What is the darkest wood?
  8. When the Creeper was created, what was originally planned to be created?
  9. What is the default players skin?
  10. What do you need to craft a clock?
  11. What do you get when you smelt sand?
  12. What color dye do you get when you mix Cactus Green and Lapis Lazuli?
  13. What block do you get when water hits lava?
  14. What object allows you to teleport?
  15. What animal is red and is similar to a cow?
  16. Bonus Question- who is my favorite minecraft youtuber?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know minecraft?