Can we guess which minecraft mob you really hate?

Well, you know which minecraft mob you hate most, don't you? If you do, have fun doing this quiz and see if we get it right! If you don't, find out which mob you really should hate...

The possible results are zombie, skeleton, creeper, enderman, slime and spider, so forget about the rest for now. It's just about those 6! I'm just adding this so there's enough characters

Created by: Thomas
  1. You want to upgrade your house. Around you are six biomes: a plain with a LOT of caves; a sea which is mixing with a lava pool; a desert; a plains with a couple of trees and an extreme hills. Which do you go to?
  2. What is your pvp tactic?
  3. What mob (except from your least favourite) would you most like to kill?
  4. Which PvP tactic are you most vulnerable to?
  5. Which of these blocks are your least favourite?
  6. Which of these blocks is your favourite?
  7. Diamonds!
  8. OK, now it's only gold
  9. What's the most likely 'nerd pole' you'll have?
  10. Wolf or Ocelot?
  11. What's your least fave colour?
  12. Why are you most likely to die (excluding mob attacks)?
  13. How do you feel about the upcoming addition of turtles?
  14. Last question!
  15. What does the ender dragon drop?

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