How addicted are you to Minecraft?

Minecraft. Almost everyone has heard of it, and many love it. But sadly, many hate it. Among those who like/love Minecraft, many are intelligent, but few are at a genius level.

So now, my quiz comes in. Are you AMAZING at Minecraft? What will YOU be at? Dirt level, Stone/Coal level, Iron level, Lapis/Redstone level, Gold/Budder level, Diamond level, or Bedrock/Obsidian level...?

Created by: KayKay

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  1. You load up a Survival world on Minecraft. What is the #1 priority right at this moment?
  2. You are lost in the woods at night, and you hear a growling. You don't want to lose your things, so what do you do?
  3. It is finally morning, and you hear things burning. What now?
  4. *Skips ahead* So you are in your house, admiring your full diamond chest, and you hear hissing. What now?
  5. (Extra Question) Total shock fills your body... Oh no it's you again...
  6. I'm going to say a name, and you'll react to it. OK?
  7. CaptainSparklez
  8. SkyDoesMinecraft
  9. SethBling
  10. Antvenom

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Quiz topic: How addicted am I to Minecraft?