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This test is for your Minecraft skills. If your score is not high do not despair, THIS TEST IS FOR PRO. The goal is to develop knowledge in Minecraft. If you complete this test you will have to wait for an expert test, but if you fail you can try my easier test for normal players.

I wish you success and tell you that I will start uploading good videos to YouTube soon. After this test I will do a test for noobs. When you're done, see my other tests.

Created by: Donicesin

  1. How can you get a blue axolotl?
  2. Which is the most difficult achievement in MINECRAFT
  3. Which is mob is the rarest in minecraft?
  4. How can you combine weaknesses of different material?
  5. What happens when you throw a potion of invisibility on Enderman?
  6. Which is the only whole block in Minecraft on which you can burn lava at the lava level.
  7. What is the way to cook 4 different foods in Minecraft?
  8. How can you light a campfire without a lighter, a fire charge or a burning tree?
  9. How can you block an enderman's attack without killing him.
  10. How can you find the easiest pirate treasure?

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