What Minecraft mob are you? (Hostile)

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Minecraft has gotten to ''The final stage'', which means its now a really popular game. Have you ever wondered which of your enemies from the overworld is most like you?

Take this quiz to find out! Plz leave positive comments and rate this quiz. It will help a lot, and this quiz took a long time to make.

Created by: CoolDude123

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  1. Ok, welcome to my 7th quiz!!
  2. This is my 7th quiz. I hope you enjoy it. Anyway, lets get on with it!
  3. What is your favourite block out of these?
  4. What is your ideal weapon?
  5. When you see a zombie, what do you do?
  6. You encounter a Witch hut. You...
  7. You lose at a game of tag. What is your response?
  8. What are more annoying?
  9. Are you fat? (Be honest)
  10. What is ur favourite hostile mob out of these?
  11. Last question. Did you enjoy this quiz?
  12. Last question. Did you enjoy this quiz?

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Quiz topic: What Minecraft mob am I? (Hostile)