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  • "1. Star Wars 2. Harry Potter 3. Coraline 4. Minions 5. Spy kids"
  • Star Wars
    "HAN SOLO!!"
  • Star Wars
    "Probably Han Solo or C-3PO"
  • Your biggest fears?
    "Btw my biggest fear is waking up and finding out my house is haunted "
  • Your biggest fears?
    "Plz vote"
  • Movies that scare you?
    "Don't laugh, but I'm afraid of The Trueman Show because he's being watched... Eversince I watched that movie I felt like I've been watched....."
  • Movies that scare you?
    "When I was little I was scared of Coroline all the way through lol expecially when the other mother turned into a spider ..."

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