Try to get higher than 55%!

There are lots of people who wanna take this quiz, cos its the best lol. TAKE THIS QUIZ OR ELSE I WILL COME TO YOUR HOUSE AND EAT YOUR BRAINS!! MWAH HAHAHA!!!

Are YOU a genius? Do you have brainpower? I can outwit you, because this quiz is friggin hard. Take my quiz to make you smarter than Stevie (a nerdy person)!!

Created by: CoolDude123

  1. Hey, guyz!
  2. Pick one!
  3. Pick a big cat!
  4. Pick a pet!
  5. Pick a card!
  6. Pick a word!
  7. Pick a moustache!
  8. Pick a colour!
  9. Pick an illness!
  10. Pick a type of smelly material!
  11. Who came up with fat birdy?
  12. Pick something big!
  13. Pick a body part!
  14. Bye guyz!

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