How well do you know Michael Jackson?

Michael Jackson was a famous popstar. He sung many songs, and released a few albums. Do you know him as well as I do?? Take this quiz to find out!!!!!!

Do YOU know him as well as I do? Do you have the power to know him? Well..........!!!!!!!!! Just take the quiz to find out how well you know him!!!!!!

Created by: CoolDude123

  1. When was Michael Jackson born?
  2. When did he die?
  3. What was his pet chimpanzee named?
  4. Who was his favourite Superhero?
  5. What is his most popular album?
  6. Was he a vegetarian?
  7. What was his middle name?
  8. When he was younger, what was his band called that he had with his elder brothers?
  9. What age was Michael Jackson when he started singing?
  10. Who was his first wife?
  11. Who was his second wife?
  12. How old was he when he died?
  13. What was his lucky number?
  14. How many children did he have?
  15. How many brothers did he have?
  16. How many sisters did he have?
  17. What was the name of his ranch he had in California?
  18. What was his title?

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