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The King of Pop was huge in the '80s. Though he passed away in 2009, his music and dance moves live on. Were you an MJ fan? These quizzes will find out.

Our Michael Jackson Quizzes

  • Michael Jackson Trivia Quiz
    [by: GTQ, rated: rated: 3.8/5, published: Jun 26, 2009]

    Michael Jackson was an international superstar. This is a Michael Jackson trivia quiz. How much do you know about the King of Pop? How many questions can…

  • How Michael Jackson Are You?
    [by: Mike, rated: rated: 3.32/5, published: Oct 3, 2006]

    Michael Jackson, the King of Pop, multi-platinum recording artist and walking curiosity. Is he black or is he white? Will he ever have another hit song? …

  • Do you know the lyrics to all Michael Jackson's songs?
    [by: Dre'ona, rated: rated: 3.29/5, published: Aug 2, 2009]

    There are a lot of people in the world who sing Michael Jackson's songs..but do you really know what he is saying..Can you prove that you are 100% capable of…

  • How well do you know MJ's favourite things?
    [by: Anna Jackson, rated: rated: 3.15/5, published: Aug 6, 2010]

    If you love Michael Jackson you must know everything about him. All his songs, all his album and his biography. But if you are a real fan of MJ you must know…

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