How Well Do You Know Michael Jackson

There are many Michael Jackson maniacs in the world, and the others well lets just say some wish that they know is much as the maniacs and try their best to do it and for some folks they just don't care at all. To find out if you're obsessed with MJ or just some plan old fan take this quiz and you'll see.

Are you a true Michael Jackson fan? Do you have what it takes to be his number one fan? Until now you could only wonder. But thanks to this great quiz in just a few minutes you can find out!

Created by: Joelle

  1. What is Michael Jackson's middle name?
  2. Where was Michael born?
  3. What time was michael born?
  4. What year was the "Thriller" album released?
  5. How many siblings did Michael Have?
  6. What is Michael's mother's middle name?
  7. How many Grammys did Michael win for "Thriller"?
  8. What film did MIchael Jackson star in with Diana Ross?
  9. When did Michael Jackson release "Off The Wall"
  10. Who was Michael's first wife?
  11. What was the name of Michael's first solo album?
  12. What was Michael's favorite food?
  13. What was Mihael's favorite clors?
  14. What was Michael's favorite TV show?
  15. Who did Michael say were his closest family members?
  16. What was Michael's favorite candy?
  17. How tall was Michael when he passed?
  18. Who did Michael often carry around as if he were a child in his mid-twenties?
  19. WHo was the Godfather of Michael's three children?
  20. Last but not least, where was Michael set to perform his this "This Is It" tour?

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