the hardest michael jackson quiz ever!!!

Do you ever wonder how much do I know about michael jackson?do you think you know everything there is to know about michael jackson? If that's how you feel i dare you to take this quiz.

You should take this quiz if and only if you are a true michael jackson fan. if you aren't a true fan don't bother taking this quiz. you'll just end up feeling bad about your score.

Created by: jackie o.nassis

  1. How many kids did the jacksons have in total?
  2. What is Michael Jackson's favorite song?
  3. Who discovered the Jackson Five?
  4. "Mama's Pearl"reached what number as a hit?
  5. On which date did the J5 first perform on the Ed Sulluvan show?
  6. In total how many solo songs did Michael have in total for Motown?
  7. What year did Michael's voice start changing and what album was he recording at the time?
  8. What is the opening track on the J5 album "Looking through the Windows"?
  9. How many times did the Jackson Five ever get nominated for a grammy?
  10. In which year did michael join the Jackson Five and how old was he?
  11. How many albums(including compliations)did the J5 release in total?
  12. Why didn't Michael want to release the Thriller album at first?
  13. When did the Jackson Five begin to perform in public?
  14. What song did the Jackson Five perform at the talent show at Roosevelt High and how old was Michael?
  15. Which date did Michael Jackson burn his hair?
  16. How many artists participated in "We Are The World"?
  17. Which X-men character would Michael want to be?
  18. What year was "Skywriter"released and what age was Michael at the time?
  19. What are Michael Jackson's favorite J5 songs?
  20. What was the exact date the Jackson Five performed on the Sonny and Cher show in 1972?

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