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Michael Jackson is the most famous and successful entertainer of all time, with a wide catalouge of hits including: 'Thriller', 'Bad' and 'Billie Jean'. He popularized the Moonwalk and changed Musical HIStory.

Take this unbelievably difficult quiz and test your knowledge on the legendary Michael Jackson, King of Pop! Are YOU an MJ fanatic? How much do you know?...

Created by: MJILoveYouu
  1. When's Michael's B-day?
  2. Whats his middle name?
  3. What are the middle name's of his parents?
  4. What type of snake did he own?
  5. What was it called? (the snake)
  6. What was the name of his two deer?
  7. How many brothers does he have?
  8. Whats his eldest sibling called?
  9. How old was he when he passed away?
  10. What is the name of his 1997 remix album?
  11. What is the 1st track on the Thriller album?
  12. Which is not an MJ song?
  13. How Old Was Mike in 1987?
  14. What skin condition did MJ have?
  15. What was the first single release off Invincible album?
  16. What was the name of the SECOND group Michael was in? (remember, second group)
  17. Which one of these Jacksons songs are off the Victory album?
  18. What is the name of his youngest BROTHER?
  19. What Was His 1st Solo Number One?
  20. How many consecutive number one's did The Jackson 5 have in 1970?
  21. How many children does he have?
  22. His daughter's full name is?
  23. What year was the Dangerous Tour?
  24. What unique way did MJ end his Dangerous Tour concerts?
  25. True Or False- Apparently Michael thought that pulling skin off Kentucky Fried Chicken made it organic...
  26. True Or False- Michael owned a gorilla called Jason
  27. What song are the lyrics from?- 'She know's what she's doing, she's super bad now'
  28. Which song are these lyrics from?- 'Scratch My Shoulder, Cos' I can Make You Feel Alright'
  29. Which Song Are These Lyrics From?- 'We Can Change The World Tommorrow, This Could Be Another Place'

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