How Many Random Facts Do You Know About Michael Jackson

At the mention of the name, "Michael Jackson," many people across the world spring up and claim that they are "true fans." But, I'm telling you right now, half or more of those people are frauds.

Here's my question to you; are you a real fan who dedicates each day to learning more about the king of pop? Or are you just a poser who's going along with the crowd to look cool? Take this quiz to find out!

Created by: chupacabra

  1. Why wasn't the video for "Who Is It" ever shown on MTV or VH1?
  2. Who exactly is Tom Sneddon, as mentioned in the song "D.S.?"
  3. The co-star in what music video sued Michael for uncollected royalties?
  4. True or False: The only video in which Michael wears his wedding ring to Lisa Marie Presley is "Blood on the Dance Floor"
  5. Which of the following isn't a "previously unreleased" song from Thriller?
  6. Although Michael claimed he was 5'11", how tall did his autopsy report say he was?
  7. What was the first album since Off The Wall that Michael produced without Quincy Jones?
  8. What was one specific thing that Michael wouldn't let his kids eat?
  9. In the short film "Ghosts," how many separate characters, as listed in the credits, did Michael play?
  10. What song did Michael sing a cappella on the Oprah special?

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