do you know really know the king of pop???

This is about Michael Jackson. this quiz will tel you and as yourself are you a good Michael Jackson fanatic??????????? Well take this quiz to find out. It will be fun and you will be amazed.

FORGET IT IF YOU DONT TAKE THIS GUIZ YOU WILL HURT AND CRY!! If you rtake it it willl be aaZing hi you wiol lopve this quiz. He will voisit you and thanks you,

Created by: chlobry

  1. What song do these lyrics belong to:"Love is a women, I dont wanna hear it. Give into me. Give into me"
  2. What was his monkies name?
  3. How many kids does he have?
  4. What was his group called when he was younger?
  5. What was hs first movie called?
  6. How many songs were on the Invisable C.D?
  7. What is the 3rd word in the song"You Sre Not Alone"
  8. How long is the song Smooth Criminal? (just the music and words)
  9. Can you moonwalk?
  10. Will you miss him????

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Quiz topic: Do I know really know the king of pop???