How well do you know Michael Jackson?

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Welcome to my first ever quiz! Thank you for taking time to even look at this lol. I love love love Michael so so much and and made a quiz because i got bored.

I really hope you enjoy and have fun and do not take the results too seriously please it's all jokes and fun. AGAIN, I was BORED!!!!!!! Anyways, you may now proceed. =)

Created by: Sneha
  1. We'll start off easy: When is The king of pop's birthday?
  2. How many siblings does Mike have? (Including half siblings and Brandon)
  3. Which one of Michael's albums is given the title of Best selling album of all time?
  4. Who are Mike's parents?
  5. What is Michael's Middle name?
  6. Ok some harder questions: Who named Mike "The king of pop"?
  7. Who was Michael Jackson's first wife?
  8. When did they get married?
  9. What year did MJ begin his solo career
  10. What year did he perform the MOONWALK for the first time?
  11. Name Michael's second posthumous album
  12. When did Mike buy Neverland Ranch?
  13. What was it called before Michael named it Neverland?
  14. What age did MJ obtain his Driving license?
  15. What's the name of Mike's Autobiography?
  16. Who was supposed to duet with Michael on BAD?
  17. What did MJ once prank his sister LaToya with?
  18. What song did MJ perform live for the first time ever?
  19. How much did the Scream music video cost?
  20. Which one of these does Michael NOT turn into in the movie Moonwalker?
  21. Continue the lyrics: "What about sunrise...
  22. Continue the lyrics: "I'm asking him to...
  23. What does Annie from Smooth Criminal represent?
  24. Continue the lyrics: "You are my...
  25. What was Thriller originally going to be named?
  26. What is the exact length of the Thriller music video?
  27. Where did the Jackson family move to in the early 70s?
  28. What happened on a Pepsi commercial shoot in 1984
  29. Which of these songs wasn't on the Off the wall album?
  30. What day and time was Michael Jackson born at?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know Michael Jackson?