How much do you love Michael Jackson

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As you know, my last quiz was "Whats your favorite Michael Jackson Music Video" well this is like a saga of my quiz and ill be posting some more up if you enjoy them to prove to me you like it comment to me your ideas and help me get on the top 40 quizes! thanks if you can


Created by: i am 22345

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  1. What is Michael`s full name?
  2. When was Michael born?
  3. True or False: Michael has a chimp called Bubbles
  4. True or False: Michael was in a group called "The Jacksons"
  5. How old was Michael and when did he die
  6. This is a justin bieber question this will not affect your score: What time and day was justin born
  7. What is the name of Michael`s first movie he played in?
  8. What are the nams of his brothers? (All 5 of them)
  9. Who is Michael`s Favorite brother?
  10. How much do you love Michael?
  11. Are you glad this quiz is over?
  12. Last question, (jumbo hiya sugar pizza) Witch one of these does Michael love the most?
  13. The Results are......

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Quiz topic: How much do I love Michael Jackson