How well do you know about Michael Jackson?

We made a Trivia Quiz about Michael Jackson because we know so much about him. So, we made this quiz about the king of pop. Yesterday, was a straight year sinc he died.

Do you know so much about Michael Jackson that you could get 100% on this trivia quiz? It's new,it's cool, it's about the King Of Pop. And, Michael Jackson rules!!!

Created by: Destiney

  1. How many kid/kids does MJ have?
  2. How many wives did MJ have?
  3. What age did MJ die at?
  4. Did they build a statue of MJ?
  5. Did MJ open up a land called NeverLand?
  6. Did MJ get his hair caught on fire during a concert?
  7. Did MJ turn black to white?
  8. What was MJ's kids names?
  9. Which thing did MJ do?
  10. Did MJ try to protect his kid idntidy?
  11. Did Michael Jackson have a Friendship bracelet?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know about Michael Jackson?