Michael Jackson Fan Quiz

Michael Jackson had millions of fans all over the world!! But are you really as much of a fan as you think? This is the ultimate test to see if you are a true Michael Jackson fan!!!

ARE YOU AS BIG OF A MICHAEL JACKSON FAN AS YOU THINK??? You may think you are but lets see if you really are? This quiz will find out.

Created by: kilah

  1. 1) what is one talent that michael jackson had that rarely anyone knew?
  2. 2) what is the name of michaels pet llama?
  3. 3) how many number one singles are from the bad album?
  4. 4)what is the name of michaels physician
  5. 5) whats michaels mother maiden name?
  6. 6) whats the name of the song feturing every one of joseph and katherine children?
  7. 7) what was the way michael keept his voice sounding so sweet?
  8. 8) what is the name of the song about a woman who wanted jackson to be the father of her child?
  9. 9) what is the first movie that michael was in ever?
  10. 10) how many grammys have jackson won for the thriller album?

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