Are you a true Michael Jackson Fan?

There are many fans, but there are ones who know everything about there model. Take this quiz to see if you are a true Michael Jackson fan! I tried my best!

Are you?please comment down below to tell me how you did!!!! I wish you all the best luck and before you start, make sure you don't have Michael Jackson"s biography with you in order to make sure you don't cheat.

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  1. What was the song that Jermaine Jackson Sang at Michael J's funeral?
  2. How many brothers did the Michael Jackson have?
  3. What was Michael Jackson's nickname?
  4. What was his best-selling album
  5. Where is Michael Jackson most ticklish?
  6. What was the song that he wrote for charity?
  7. What was His most famous dance move?
  8. What was his Autobiography named?
  9. What instrument did Joe Jackson(Michael's dad) play
  10. What was the company that joe wanted to sign the Jackson 5?
  11. How many Water guns did Michael get for Christmas?
  12. What killed Michael Jackson?
  13. Which famous band's songs did he buy
  14. What did Michael j name his oldest son?
  15. What was Michaels nickname for his youngest son?
  16. Hoped you liked this quiz!

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Quiz topic: Am I a true Michael Jackson Fan?