How Much Do You Know About Michael Jackson?

Think you are MJ's number one fan? Think you know more about him than I do? Take this quiz to find out how much you really do know about the fantastic King of POP!!! :)

Do you love the King of Pop? Is he a major inspiration? Take my quiz to find out how much you really know about Michael Jackson. Maybe you'll learn a few things after taking it too. :)

Created by: Cas

  1. When was Michael Jackson's birthday?
  2. How many brothers and sisters does Michael have?
  3. How tall was Michael Jackson?
  4. This is an easy one.... What was Michael Jackson's most popular album?
  5. True or False?...Michael Jackson invented the moonwalk.
  6. What was Michael Jackson's first solo single?
  7. Who "supposely" discovered the Jackson 5ive? (not really true)
  8. Who was supposed to duet with MJ in his song "Bad"?
  9. Who sings with MJ in his song "Just Good Friends"?
  10. Who was Michael Jackson's first wife?
  11. What song was MJ's last number one hit?
  12. What was Michael Jackson's favorite song?
  13. Who was one of Michael's idols?
  14. At what time did MJ die?
  15. What is the full name of MJ's daughter?
  16. Finally, do you think I know a lot about MJ?

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Quiz topic: How Much do I Know About Michael Jackson?