Michael Jackson Quiz

There are many Michael Jackson fans out there. Many more dedicated than me. But I decided, since it's the two year anniversary of his death, why not?

Do you think you're a Michael Jackson fan? Take this quiz to find out? This is more about him than his music. So hopefully you know him pretty well!!!

Created by: Blanket

  1. What day/time was Michael Jackson born?
  2. Which of these was NOT a name of one of Michael's kids?
  3. Which child was it that he hung out the window (to show to the world)?
  4. Name of Michael Jackson's famous home?
  5. Who is the godfather of Michael's first two children?
  6. How old was Michael When he died?
  7. What was the name of the tour Michael Jackson was about to go on before he passed away?
  8. Where was the tour going to be held?
  9. What was the name of the disease Michael Jackson got that turned part of his skin white?
  10. Where did the disease start?
  11. What was Michael's middle name?
  12. The day this quiz was made was the 2 year anniversary of Michael's death... RIP Michael Jackson. The King of Pop.

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