How Well Do U Know Michael Jackson

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Everyone knows michael jackson. but do u think u know michael jackson. Take this quiz and find out if u are a true michael jackson fan or just a passerby.

Do u think u know the King Of Pop. why dont you take this quiz and find out, but be careful cuz this quiz is a test on ur knowings on the king of pop, so prepare to be tested :)

Created by: Sam

  1. When Was Michael Jackson Born
  2. What Child Was Michael In His Family ( 1st born, 2nd born, etc. )
  3. To What Animal Was The Song Ben Dedicated To
  4. What Was The Name Of His Album That Was Released In 1978
  5. Lookin Out, Across The Night Time, The City Winks A Sleepless Eye
  6. At What Event Did Michael Jackson Introduce The Moonwalk
  7. What Is The Biggest Selling Album Of All Time
  8. What Year Was Bad Released
  9. How Much Awards Did Michael Jackson Win In All
  10. When Did Michael Jackson Die

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