Do You Know Michael Jackson?

We all know about the late and very great Michael Jackson. But HOW much do you know? MJ was one of the greatest influences on not only music, but also dancing, fashion, business, and the world. He might have earned millions, even billions in his life, but more importantly, he gave. He gave millions and millions to those in need. He was a very talented but also a very tortured human being. And now, in his death, is when we realize how hurtful we really were to him. But now he is in a better place. Rest in peace Michael, I hope you had a great birthday. You will never be forgotten!!!

So, how much do you know about MJ? In just 22 questions, you'll find out! Please comment + rate! Thank you so much and please no rude coments. I know he has been a part of some awful controversies, but please respect the dead. None of those were PROVEN to be true, but it is human nature (no pun intended) to knock people down when they do better than us. So don't believe that bullsh** unless there's actually PROOF. Thank you~

Created by: mari
  1. When was MJ born?
  2. What is his middle name?
  3. What skin conditions does/did he suffer from?
  4. What was his first #1 hit?
  5. Which leading lady did he not know personally?
  6. What is the 2nd single off of Bad?
  7. How many Grammy's did Michael win for Thriller in 1984?
  8. Who did he collaborate with in the song, "The Girl is Mine"?
  9. What is his death ruled as?
  10. Who is his first wife?
  11. How many #1 singles did he have in his entire career, including those in the Jackson 5?
  12. What year did his album Dangerous release?
  13. What was his pet llama's name?
  14. Who is his main influence?
  15. What is he dubbed as?
  16. What is his disney obsession?
  17. How many plastic surgeries did he claim to have?
  18. What drink company did he sign to?
  19. What was he?
  20. When will we forget him?

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