How well do you REALLY know Michael Jackson???

Michael Jackson is the best music artist that ever lived it is very true. All his great music, unique dance moves, and worldwide fame. had made him a great target for the media to do a little reserch on. But do you know the REAL Michael Jackson?

So, do you have the Michael Jackson skillage like me????????? I don't think you can beat 95% on the Michal Jackson trivia quiz!!!!!!!!!! lol kiddin have fun and please rate and leave a comment for my quiz. Thank you!

Created by: Savana

  1. What year was Michael born?
  2. How many sisters does Michael have?
  3. How many brothers does Michael have?
  4. How many jacksons were ever in the Jackson 5?
  5. What did Michael Jackson's father Joe Jackson do to Michael that Michael admitted to years later?
  6. Which brother said the following quote after Michael died, " When I saw him the bead I just said, Michael, Michael, Michael." And that " I wish it was me there not him. "
  7. What is the name of the ranch Michael Jackson bought to live in?
  8. What did Michael Jackson name his first child?
  9. What was his second child named?
  10. What was his third childs name?
  11. What day did Michael Jackson pass away?
  12. What is Michael Jackson's middle name?
  13. Where was michael jackson born?
  14. Do you like Michael Jackson?

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Quiz topic: How well do I REALLY know Michael Jackson???