Are you Michael Jackson's number one fan?

What would you describe this quiz? is it fun? is it boring?You love this quiz? You never had this questions before? I hope you all have fun with this quiz! If you failed this quiz it doesn't matter as long as you focus every thing that is important.... If you win this quiz congratulations.....

What more quiz do ever dream/want for? Any kind of how good are you? What will happen to you? What will be your dreams come true? For you to all my friends Winning or Losing it doesn't matter it is the same as Black and white it doesn't matter because only one god give the way you should be...Michael jackson transfer himself from black to white to let you now that black or white doesn't matter...

Created by: Cahaya

  1. How old is Michael Jackson when he passed away?
  2. Who is the famous sister of Michael Jackson?
  3. What song does Michael Jackson love? (His Own Song)
  4. What is the name of Michael & his brothers name on Stage?
  5. What is Michael Jackson's favorite color?
  6. How old is Michael Jackson when he Join the Jackson 5?
  7. How many children does Michael Jackson have?
  8. How many children does Michael Jackson have?
  9. When was Michael Jackson born?
  10. Does Michael Jackson ever caught on Fire?
  11. Michael Jackson have been using only one ...........
  12. How old is Michael Jackson in 1986?
  13. What is Michael Jackson's full name?
  14. In which 17 - minute did Michael Jackson star?
  15. What is Michael Jackson's two daughters name?

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Quiz topic: Am I Michael Jackson's number one fan?