how wealthy are you

you did as much as many people but just try harder and you will be like Bill Gates and if you dont you will be like Michael Jackson and no one will know who you are and you will be all alone living with your boyfriend and everybody will hate you because your not rich

are you wealthy or are you the poorest guy or lady in the entire universe and to qualify answer all these questions and you will be the biggest loser I could ever imagine and sorry for you and go suck some eggs

Created by: momin

  1. are you rich
  2. do you want to be poor
  3. how poor or rich are you
  4. are you gay
  5. if your smart are you poor
  6. what is the best way to be rich
  7. do you think being wealthy is cool
  8. blahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh is that cool
  9. do you think momin khan is wealthy and cool if you answer no you fail this quiz
  10. hi i am not poor

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Quiz topic: How wealthy am I