Which Real Housewife of NYC Are YOU?!!?

Are you a wealthy woman? Do you long to be one? New York City is a playground for the wealthy and high class housewives of Bravo's REAL housewives of new york city. Who is your spirit housewife? Which one will lead you on the spirit path to wealth, power, status, connections and opening night at the opera?

Are you a countess? A european? A caterer? Or something else entirely! Be it Bethenny, Mrs. The Countess, Alex Von Kampen or even RAMONA! Only this quiz will unlock your true Real Housewife of NYC self!

Created by: feyfriends
  1. What color are your HAIRS
  2. Are you WEALTHY?
  3. Parlez Vous Francais?!!?!
  4. You have just menstruated for the first time. You hear a knock on the door of your lavish estate, so you answer. It is Professor Charles Xavier, leader of the X-Men. He tells you that you are a mutant, destined to be hated and feared by a world that you are sworn to protect. He wants you to come to his school on Graymalkin Lane, Professor Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters. Which X-Man are you!?!
  5. Who is your favorite fashion designer!
  6. A great night for you includes
  7. Plz pick the set of punctuation marks that most resembles your boobs
  8. It is a beautiful cloudless day. You are in the hampies lying prone on your tennis court in your tennis whites staring at the sky. As the serene clouds drift before your wealthy eyes, they begin to take shape. You find your breathing slowing as they reveal themselves to you. WHAT DO YOU SEE.
  9. It is December 31st, 1999. The clock is about to strike midnight, heralding the dawn of a new millenium. You are in Peekskil, NY, reuniting with the other former employees of OVER OUR HEADS for the first time in a decade! You have mixed feelings. It feels good to see your old friends again, after everything that has come between you. At the same time, you can't help but feel a sharp pang of regret. A cork is popped. Confetti is thrown. Mrs. Garrett is dead. Which member of Facts of Life are you?
  10. Tell me a little bit about your husband.
  11. What is in a Skinny Girl Margarita
  12. A wealthy publicist who is also a Duchess of an obscure French country has put you on the list to attend the Luca Luca show during Fashion Week on opening night at the Met. However, when you arrive in your brand new Luca Luca gown, you discover that the front row seats that had been promised to you are occupied by one Mister Simon Von Kampen, a poor person from Jamaica, Queens. You are outraged. What do you do?
  13. What celebrity would you most like to be?
  14. Do you live the nude lifestyle?

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Quiz topic: Which Real Housewife of NYC am I?!!?