Which Desperate Housewife Are You?

If you love the show and are just curious as to which housewife you are.....Take the quiz! You know you want to! You may be surprised or you may get upset! WHich one are you? Gaby, Susan, Edie, Brie, or Lynnette?

Which Desperate Housewife do you think you are most like? See if you're right....Take this quiz and find out! You may be right or you may stand corrected! Find the desperate housewife in you now!

Created by: Rachel

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  1. 8-5 Monday through Friday, if you are not at home you are most likely.........
  2. Okay so you come home early from wherever you were and the sound of your husband making love to another woman in your bedromm can be heard....
  3. My favorite pass time is
  4. To a casual social event you are likely to wear.....
  5. Your wedding was....
  6. My husband is best described as:
  7. People describe me as:
  8. Which "Housewife" do you envy?
  9. I drive:
  10. Do you have a bestfriend?

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Quiz topic: Which Desperate Housewife am I?