Which Housewife of the OC are You?

The Housewives of Orange County, Season 4, are comprised of Vicki, an insurance mogul; Jeanna, a real-estate powerhouse; Tamra, blond wife to Simon and mother of four; Gretchen, young, blond fiancee to Jeff, a once-dynamic race-car baron, now leukemia victim; and Lynn, the newest housewife, married with two teenage daughters.

The housewives are at it again. And, you either love them or hate them. You may secretly want to be one of them. Take this quiz to find which housewife of the OC you are most like.

Created by: J
  1. A night at home with hubby conjures thoughts of
  2. When I hear, "Let's party," I automatically think
  3. My relationship with my kids
  4. If a friend got out-of-control drunk at a party, I would
  5. I like a man who
  6. I consider talking about my friends
  7. I really like
  8. I am most proud of
  9. Real or fake?
  10. To what degree are you willing to help your children financially, once they come of age?

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Quiz topic: Which Housewife of the OC am I?