Which Desperate Housewives Character Are You?

Want to find out which housewife you are most like from desperate housewives? Well this is the quiz that will tell you EXACTLY which one you are most like!

Take the test and in just a few short minutes, you will have your result! There is only 12 questions that won't take long at all to fill out so just take the test!

Created by: Zoey
  1. How do you spend your afternoons?
  2. Which show are you most likely to watch?
  3. What color nailpolish are you most likely to wear?
  4. Where do you shop?
  5. Which of these is your fave movie?
  6. Which is your favoutrite element?
  7. Whats your favourite color?
  8. You think your kids will be:
  9. Best band/singer is:
  10. What is your favourite food?

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Quiz topic: Which Desperate Housewives Character am I?