are you desperate for a bf/gf

this quiz is too determine if you're desperate or not. some people will go out with ANYBODYY!!! that could be u, u just know know it yet. take this quiz and you'll be sure to know!

are u desperate? do u really want a bf/gf? you'll be sure to find out through this quiz. some of the questions are kinda similar so sorry for that. have fun!

Created by: sarah

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  1. what are you?
  2. you've never had a bf/gf before, but the kid you hate and is totally unpopular just asked u out...what do u say?
  3. theres this dance coming up, and u really wanna date to it. are u willing to ask out anybody?
  4. your bff just broke up with her bf/gf. they're ex now just asked you out. but they are totally ugly and fat. how do u respond?
  5. your friend thinks u need someone in your life. they dare u to ask out the most popular boy/girl in school. they are really mean to u. would u do it?
  6. do you already have a bf/gf?
  7. do you think you're desperate?
  8. your at the dance and this really ugly guy in which you dont know just asked you to dance. what do u say?
  9. why are u taking this quiz?[no effect]
  10. ok i just hadd to ask this question [no effect and last question] what is your fav COLOR??

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Quiz topic: Am I desperate for a bf/gf