Dreamgirl or Nightmare?

Everyone knows you canâ??t turn a hoe into a housewife, so why try? Entertaining thoughts of raising kiddies in wedded bliss? STOP! look deep before you take the leap!

Take this quiz FIRST, before taking that leap. If your the man of the relationship have your bride-to-be take this easy quiz and find out if your walking into Holy or Hellish Matrimony

Created by: Delilah Jones
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. How would you sum yourself up?
  2. Have you ever Cheated or been cheated on? Choose the best answer for YOU.
  3. Do you care more about yourself or the person you're with, be truthful!
  4. Which of the following constitutes a good relationship in your opinion?
  5. Do you spend most of your time convincing him to make you happy or trying to find out what will make him more happy?
  6. Did he take your virginity?
  7. Is love just a word to you?
  8. What would happen if he came home two hours later than usual from work?
  9. Choose a pastime.
  10. What is you ideal date?

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