Do you know the lyrics to all Michael Jackson's songs?

There are a lot of people in the world who sing Michael Jackson's songs..but do you really know what he is saying..Can you prove that you are 100% capable of singing the songs..that knowing what you are saying?

A true Michael Jackson fan knows all the words to his songs..are you one? Take my quiz and you will find out if you are Bad or we should tell you to Beat It..

Created by: Dre'ona
  1. She likes the boys in the band, she knows when they come to town...
  2. I gave her very soul..I gave her promises and secrets so untold..
  3. They say I'm different..they don't understand..but there's a big problem that's much more in demand..You've got..
  4. Love ain't what it used to be..that is what they telling me..
  5. I see the kids in the street..with not enough to eat..
  6. This is our wanna fuss..We're sending out..our major love..
  7. But..they told me..a man should be faithful..and walk when not able..and fight till the end..
  8. Touch me..and I feel on fire..
  9. We can change the world tomorrow..this could be a better place..if you don't like what I'm saying..
  10. You see a sight that almost stops your heart..
  11. We walked up the steps to the ceiling of doom..there we're two girls sitting in my room..she walked up to my face..
  12. Can it be I stayed away too long? Did I leave your mind when I was gone?
  13. Issac said he kissed you..beneath the apple tree..
  14. On the phone you and me..till' dawn..till' three..
  15. Whisper three words and I'll come running...
  16. So..take my strong advice..just remember to always think twice..
  17. I'm tired of being the victim of hate..your ripping me of my pride for god sake..
  18. I'm begging on my knees because..I'll be crying everyday..for the girl that's got away..
  19. And I don't know weather to laugh..or cry..I don't know live or die..
  20. Hear her voice..shake my window..sweet seducing sighs..
  21. Don't you know the perfect time..we can make it right in the city lights..
  22. The things I feel for you..but, girl you know it's true..
  23. Girl..close your eyes..let that rhythm get into you..don't try to fight it..there ain't nothing that you can do..
  24. Don't tell me you agree with me..when I saw you kicking dirt in my eye..
  25. If you can't feed your baby..then don't have a baby..

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Quiz topic: Do I know the lyrics to all Michael Jackson's songs?