Are you a true Moonwalker?

Are you a Moonwalker? Do you love Michael Jackson? Will you defend him no matter the consequences? This quiz will tell you if you really love him or not.

Let's just hope you have what it takes to be part of the MJfam. If not? Well, that's your loss. Michael's the best, and us fans are pretty great too :p Not saying being a Moonwalker makes you better than anyone else... Just saying, being one is pretty cool

Created by: Moonwalker_98

  1. What is Michael's middle name?
  2. When was Michael born?
  3. How many siblings does Michael have?
  4. What are Michael's parents' names?
  5. What's the first song on the album "Thriller"
  6. Who was Michael's best friend?
  7. What state is Neverland located?
  8. What was Michael's favorite song?
  9. Who was Michael's first wife?
  10. When did Michael die?

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Quiz topic: Am I a true Moonwalker?