Are you a Moonwalked?

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This quiz is about Michael Jackson. And whether you know enough about him to be... A moonwalker. This quiz is not about his albums but his personal life.

Are you a moonwalker? Are you a follower of the late king of pop? Well in less than 5 min. because of this quiz, you will find out! Michael is and forever be the King Of Pop.

Created by: Alana
  1. When was Michael Jackson born?
  2. What was his third child's nickname?
  3. What band was Michael in when he was a child?
  4. How many wives did Michael have?
  5. Which famous European singer did Michael do a duet with?
  6. Why did Michael and his second wife,Debby name their eldest daughter Paris?
  7. When did Michael Jackson die?
  8. What is the names of Michaels parents?
  9. What was Michaels doctor?
  10. What did Michael call his tree?
  11. Did Michael love life?

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Quiz topic: Am I a Moonwalked?