How Michael Jackson Are You?

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Welcome to my quiz, this quiz is for boy and girls. Basically, this quiz is for moonwalkers, so if you are a moonwalker then please take this quiz. :-)

Have you wondered if you are exactly like the King Of Pop? Have you ever wondered if you could basically be Michael's twin? If you have then this quiz is the ideal quiz for you.

Created by: Babymj5
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  1. Favourite MJ hairstyle?
  2. Which 3t song featured Michael?
  3. Name of Michael's children
  4. Complete the lyrics. I was wandering in the rain Mask of life, feelin' insane swift and sudden fall from grace
  5. What was the name of the skin disorder that Michael had?
  6. Names of Michael's ex wives.
  7. Name 3 songs from the Bad album.
  8. 3 celebrities are huge fans of MJ. Who are they?
  9. Most Popular song by Michael?
  10. Name of Michael's pet monkey?
  11. Michael's middle name?
  12. Name all of Michael sisters.
  13. Which song is NOT from the Got To Be There album?
  14. Which song is NOT from the Ben album?
  15. Which song is NOT from the Off The Wall album?
  16. Which song is NOT from the Thriller album?
  17. Which song is NOT from the Bad album?
  18. Which song is not from the Dangerous album?
  19. Which song is NOT from the History album?
  20. Last Question! Which song is NOT from the Invincible album?

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Quiz topic: How Michael Jackson am I?