How Well Do You Know Mj's Song Lyrics ?

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Michael Jackson, greatest entertainer of all time, king Of Pop, what more can I say ? Changed the world of pop and the way we make music videos ! RIP Michael Jackson .

Of course you love to listen to MJ but do you know more than just Beat It, Billie jean, and Thriller? If You wanna test your knowledge of some of michael Jackson's greatest songs ? Then this is the quiz for you !!!

Created by: Victoria

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  1. Guess the song:It was sunday what a black day
  2. Guess the song: some things in life they just don't want to see. but if Martin Luther was living
  3. Guess the song: Unthinkable. Me sittin up in the clouds.
  4. Guess The Song: Have Fear in me. Cuz you Know Im a Beast. Watchin You When You Sleep
  5. Guess The Song: And when the groove's dead and gone.Yeah
  6. Guess The song:Im the Light Of the world. I feel grand
  7. Guess The Song: The City Winks A Sleepless Sigh.Gentle Voice
  8. Guess The Song: When we played tag in grade school you wanted to be it
  9. Guess The Song: Shelter. Come and rescue me out of this storm.and out of this cold i need someone
  10. Guess The Song: We're taking over.we have the truth.this is our mission
  11. Guess the Song: I gave her money. I gave her time.
  12. Guess the Song: I Often wonder if lovin you you will be tonight.but what is love girl if im always out of site
  13. Guess The Song: life without love is oh so lonely. i dont think. i dont think im gonna make it
  14. Guess The Song: She got your number.she know your game.
  15. Guess The Song: Rhythmatic Acrobatic.She's a dynomite attraction.

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Quiz topic: How Well do I Know Mj's Song Lyrics ?