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I looked all over the GoToQuiz search results and found nothing that had ONLY Slipknot lyrics. This got me pissed...a LOT. What did I do? I went and made this quiz.

I originally set out to have only fill-in-the-blank LYRICS questions, but somehow I just got some new stuff instead. Storm out the (sic)ness, half-a**ed aggression! (Slipknot song of course ^^)

Created by: Asakuun Draconis
  1. Only definite word in (515) is?
  2. Which is NOT used in a Slipknot song?
  3. What is the first line of the *four-line* chorus in The Blister Exists?
  4. "40 years ago, the man...... .......we labor for pleasure, and....." Excerpted from WHICH album intro song?
  5. "I see you in the dark, I see you all the way, I see you in the light, I see you _____ as ____"
  6. "I am the ______ one; All my life ___ the _______ ______!"
  7. I'm listening to the CDs in order. There are 4 of them. What is the order?
  8. "Too ______ to beg and not _____ to _______."
  9. You live when I'm ______!
  10. I AM THE GREAT ___...MOUTH!!!!!! (whats the song, too?)
  11. Which album is the song Eeyore in? You can hear it on Youtube, but which video..?
  12. "________ - I've lost my only way"
  13. Which song *intro* has percussion on metal pipes?
  14. "I can see you but you can't see me...I could _____ you and you wouldn't even _____ me...wait a second and you'll ______ ______...I'm just waiting till you really let your guard down."
  15. "I felt the ___ rise up in me, Kneel down and ____ the ____ of _____. I ____ out where you can't _____, inside my shell I ____ and ______"

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